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From Surviving to Thriving™

The Lifestyle 360 program provides you with a complete picture of your health, not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. By introducing elements which support your body’s natural state of well-being, your body can make quantum leaps back to an optimal state of health very quickly. Learn More

About Lifestyle 360o

After an excruciating two years, where she was barely able to move or function, Noreen Hennessy , the founder of Lifestyle 360, came up with a natural and comprehensive system that completely transformed her life . Learn more about her story here.

Health & Happiness H2 Equation

The Health & Happiness H2 Equation gives you a complete picture of your health. It’s not just physically, but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Learn more

7 Essentials of Life

The Lifestyle 360 programs will guide you through seven fundamental principles of a balanced life thereby allowing you to quickly re-align and optimize your health and happiness. Learn more

A few testimonials from some of my cherished clients:

"Fibro (fibromyalgia) pain is gone. IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) is under control. My clothes fit better."

− Nancy S

"Becoming aware of appropriate food choices. making mindful choices in regard to what I am eating; reducing pain in joints."

− Anne G

"Very good! The videos were a nice primer for the sessions. Noreen’s advice was excellent!"

− Liz L

"The program is educational, structured, and easy to follow"

− Anne G

"Great start to the rest of my life."

− Carol C

"Excellent program, very proud of myself."

− Latasha M

"I learned so much and feel like Noreen and the program together are such a valuable resource."

− Heather P

"It is a lifestyle change that changed my life and resolved my issues - Cholesterol and Blood Pressure!"

− Lorraine P

"Completely non-intimidating, appreciate greatly the supportive structure"

− Anne S

"Giving me a jumpstart to a healthier life"

− Eileen W

"It has educated me on foods and what I’m putting in my body. My hair and skin look great. I have tons of energy and I'm not crashing anymore."

− Laura J

"Learning how to eat, and how to eliminate the bad and not miss it"

− Andrea W

"Noreen was awesome, and I would love to have a personal consult with her."

− Heather P

"Becoming more aware of how my body works and what it needs to be at optimal."

− Lorraine P

"It’s gotten me interested in my food choices and has given me hope"

− Heather P

"I feel like I have more energy and I feel better about myself"

− Elisabeth L

"it isn’t difficult and it is good, healthy and works."

− Sheree W

"my MD suggested it due to hearing about the results of others. Myself to help my daily pain’s aches

− Ellen V

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Benefits of the Lifestyle 360 system:

• Identifies metabolic, hormonal, and energetic imbalances

• Pinpoints the focus of therapy

• Accesses cellular communication levels by discovery ionic flow

• Uncovers possible causes of physical, mental and emotional distress

• Determines the body’s preferred homeopathic/nutritional support

• Determines accuracy and validity of data through testing and reconfirmation of results