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Gaurika Kadam

Gaurika, a well-established practitioner of Pranic healing, has been harnessing positive energy fields to heal people for over two decades. She learned the art from her grandmother, who had a reputation for healing people with all kinds of diseases. Gaurika's family is prominent in Gwalior, India, and her grandmother's teachings have been passed down for generations. 

"With the guidance of my grandmother, I have developed a high level of proficiency in Pranic healing through meditation. These abilities have been enhanced through consistent practice and dedication".


Gaurika's years of meditation have granted her intuitive abilities that allow her to catch glimpses into people's lives. By harnessing positive energy, she is able to use these abilities to help others.

Gaurika has a number of certificates and awards from Rotary and Reiki organizations.


Creating awareness of positive energy as it exists within the Universe, how to harness it for health, happiness and prosperity.

Spiritual Activity


Bringing people together of all races, religions, educational backgrounds in the pursuit of Spiritual Enlightenment.

Spiritual Activity
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